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Lombok Tour

paket wisata lombok - on the island of Lombok there are a lot of places that chili tour provided that no less beautiful with those in other places. From the start with the history and customs of the tribe, green and natural atmosphere alamai, mountains, small islands, waterfalls, etc., in the next article I will discuss everything. For those of you who want to do a tour of Lombok or leisure travel, this time I will give tips when making a tour of Lombok. These tips can make your diterapkn tourists who want to vacation: •tour lombok planning a travel itinerary with mature, like look for as much info over the Internet or through your friends who've been dating former happens when you engga many wasted •paket wisata lombok rent a car while you are there in Lombok (look cheap) that if you vacation ber group, or if you travel alone ndak can also use the minibus (public transportation) or cidomo lah •paket tour lombok carry cash in the wallet, just in case there is a need to know who wrote another long let ga take in bank •mutiara lombok siapin also sunblock, if for example you been to the beach since in Lombok many beautiful beaches but if the day wih a stinging heat, but keep in mind also sunblock only reduces or protects from irritation Akiat kegosongan or sunlight. If you want to tour Lombok yes must be heat resistant as well. And for you too are challenged to surf at Desert Point, then you can take the routeharga mutiara trip aboard the Ferry from Bali to Lombok Sheets port. Desert Point, local people called it Bangko-Bangko, is a surfing beach destination located on the Southwestern coast of Lombok. If you have arrived at the Port sheet, then a trip to Desert Point reached by vehicle travel or rental car and takes about 2 hours. mutiara lombok The Desert Point, available lodges as a simple lodging lodging. Desert Point is one of the tour chili interesting place to visit, particularly among surfers in Indonesia. For more details, Lombok Tour I will discuss in a later article that's only part of the tour Lombok, survived a visit to the island of Lombok. harga mutiara Related article: chili property

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